Friday, October 27, 2006

you might not believe it but the earth is hollow

the spiral is our most ancient symbol
and marked all of our pre-history.

You see, back then the earth has two moons.
Astronomers of the time
looked up to the moons and stars each night in wonder and marvel of
their origin.

They measured and calculated and observed the orbit of the moons and
soon found that one of the moons was moving in a spiral.

Soon they realized the inevitable: in the near future this moon would
fall into earth.

The spiral became the symbol of the tragedy soon to befall earth.

The highly evolved civilization began to prepare for their most massive
construction project. They dug endless tunnels down into earth and
build entire cities in underground caves of incredible dimensions, in
hope that some of them would survive the disaster.

When the day of impact came near all living and intelligent creatures
disappeared beneath the earth’s surface.
The force of collision was so great that earth flipped.
North became South and South became North as entire continents
disappeared and others emerged from the masses of fire and water.
Only in three places did civilization survive: inside the Himalaya,
inside the Andes in current Peru and in Mt. Shasta, now in California.

It was here that the great discovery was made:
Earth is hollow!

The violent contortion of earth had opened paths connected to the
underground tunnels.

Light began to emerge from the other side.

As the impact on earth’s outer surface had created a hostile
environment inner earth was being discovered. The inner crust was quite
similar to the outer one: land, water and vegetation, as well as animal
life. The central sun inside earth created a constant climate of
75degrees Fahrenheit.

Openings to the North and South Pole revealed to
them the sphere form of planets.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

involuntary hiatus is over...