Monday, August 28, 2006

drugs, chairs and what!??!?!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

the anatomy and functionality of a folding table. part 2

a short list of arnheim Lieber's obsessions that are seen and/or discussed on Is"is"is? include:

plastic bags filled with disposable items

text-based, non-decorative barely readable street graffiti

napkin notes

and taking pictures of clothes worn by strangers.

then, of course, there is the folding table.

today I present a fine specimen.

a real space saver, this table can be inconspicuously stored in a inconspicuous corner

then brought out when adequate table space is needed

now this person with staff written on the back of his red shirt will effortlessly demonstrate how the table is expanded into a spacious table that can be used for more formal events such as dinner, thanksgiving dinner, and dinner!

this table is such a beauty that i will let you admire its finely crafted edges, beautifully finished surfaces, and intricate natural wood details...or... you can fill in your own set of instuctions!

Someone:What did you say?

Someone else:nothing

Someone:No, i heard you say something!

Someone else:something?


Someone else:How about nothing?

Someone:How about...will you marry me?!?!

Someone else: caviar?

Monday, August 14, 2006


first i had to shorten my name so as not to get associated with a certain Senator who seems to make the news everynow and again.

then i haven't been keeping up with anyone else lately (blogwise)

to top things off i just don't seem to have it anymore

i had this plan to start exercising and taking pictures and showing the results

i got so busy that excercising on top of all my other activities seemed like too much

please don't give up on me as i am struggling to maintain the blog habit along with all the other things life throws at old arnie Leiber

so here are some recent pictures:

before art

after art

Ahhh..much better!

before belly

after belly


-aL out

Friday, August 04, 2006

store with a pole in front of the door


sometimes you go out
and it smells like greasy food
and you're on your way to work
and you feel the heat on your face
and you're running late
and the owner of the coffee shop
is wearing a hat that you like
and you want to ask him where he got it
but he stayed in the back
so you go back outside
and your head kinda hurts
but thats ok because
it feels good to be alive
and an attractive girl is running
trying to catch the bus
holding up her top as she runs
and you're checking her out
she misses the bus
and you walk by a car
and its blasting music
and its not really what you listen to or like
but it sounds good anyway
because again it feels good to be alive
some people are so funny looking