Monday, January 30, 2006

Morning Subway scene…

It appears that we received another supply of phonebooks!

This morning on the way to work I saw:

-A thuggie doing his best to look tough, although it appears that he drooled on himself by the drip barreling down his pilot jacket

- a girl with the fine booty, avoiding flirty glances from men

-another long haired white dude reading a book called “the structure of scientific revolutions”

-the fat guy, being fat, and a guy.

This didn’t happen today but I took a picture of these boxes of candy found on the train tracks.

Here are some other things:

When we have such nice weather this time of year..its fucking scary!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Don't Vote For Me!

The real reason for my infrequent posting: I had a job to do.
Now I will share...

This an an art show I curated at Sputnik, featuring 8 artists who are dealing with political themes.

Corporation for Public Good



Jill Dubreuil


Travis Dubreuil

Haliburton's Last Supper

Andrew Eutsler


I Love My Job

C.S. Heinemeier

Revolution X

Just a Minor Threat

Chris Herbeck

Where we put them..

Don't Vote for Me

The Texas BBQ

Drew Morrison


Tamar Shippony

The Veil

Monday, January 16, 2006

"..and the aliens, they believe in god too!" -c. grau

Its been a while...more then a week ago..since the last time I've been here. Well Its not my fault really...I was hanging out with my alien friends.
They showed me some other planets, but first they had to show me how to breathe alien air, its quite different than ours.
I had fun...though I am glad to be back. The syncronicity thing was flipping my mind out so I have to get away for while. Can you blame me?

You can't see stars in New York, and as I complained about it, they appeared.

I was only able to keep one picture, the aliens are kinda shy about that sort of thing. They erased the rest while I was sleeping. I can't tell what it is exactly... i don't remember taking it... so there is no description. You're just gonna have to trust me that it was taken on another planet.

I will get back into it and post everyday again..I promise.

She said, "Why?"

I said. "They ate them?"

She said," Why did you let them eat them?"

I said, "Would you try to stop hungry aliens? Besides, they fed us when we were hungry!"

She said, "You know what? You're right..."

I said, " I am?"

She said, "yep"

I said, "Damn!"

Friday, January 06, 2006

Alive, Alive

Today there is only one thing I have to say:

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Last night we tried something different.

We conducted a blind interview, but this time we implemented a subject.
Before we started, my collaborator says, "Don't you think we should do this when we're a little more sober?"


Anyway, here are the results:

Q: We have today, current events, explain:

A: Well, we must start from the beginning, which is also the end. They both are the same, which is inconsequential to the reality of the situation.

Q: If you were George Bush, how would you sum up this past year?

A: We can see this has been an epidemic since it began. The real issue is that we we already know the truth, when are we going to get beyond ourselves?

Q: If you were to stop a stranger on the street, what would you tell them?

A: The politicians have always been lying to us, thats why we have to stop paying attention. Its the same shit, centuries upon centuries, its the same shit.

Q:When do you enjoy what you hate the most?

A:Voting is the least of our worries, the question is: How true are you to yourself?

Q: You are at the forefront, you look over and say to the person next to you:

A:Crawling around, like you aren't sure where you are, but it doesn't matter because at least you haven't seen the news.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Systems That Do Not Work...


Smashing Out the Cigarette Butt with the Front Bottom of Your Shoe.

Ahhhh...its a beautiful day in Brooklyn!

Known for its crime rate, people with funny accents, and...uuummm...
to be frank, I don't know what else Brooklyn is known for.
But I can tell you a couple of things about this place that I appreciate:
The way the sun bounces off Public Housing Projects(pictured above)
and the interesting little piles of trash that accumulate on the sides of things.

Fucking Brilliant!
Public sculpture at its best! Indeed my friends!

I also get a kick out of things like...

Kosher Barbeque flavored corn chips!
Hell yeah! I'm not jewish but for some reason..they taste better, although not the case with
all kosher products.
also did you notice the brandname of the chips? Yup.
The same as my last name! Fancy that!

Other things that are good to know about-
but you can find these things anywhere..

T-shirts that advertise your favorite inexpensive alcoholic beverage...

and these telephone directories (see previous blog) distributed by various companies that magically appear at your doorstep once or twice a year.

Say Bye-Bye to these because
they are just about obsolete with the widespread popularity of the internet.

I added a new link to the little sidebar thingy...Mouths wide open.
I read about them this morning in Time Out NY and I think what they're doing is great. Can you think of something better to do with little plastic soldiers?
I can't.

Ok well time for another non-sensical exit...
Brought to you by Lieber's Kosher Food Products!

Larry: Hey Mary!

Mary: Yes Larry?

Larry: Wanna get married?

Mary: Not really...but..ok!

Larry: Wait a minute! You don't want to have children do you?

Mary: Larry! I thought I told you I wanted children!

Larry: Well..damn..can I take that proposal back?

Mary: Ok...I don't give a shit...

Larry: Plus..don't you think its weird..all our friends will refer to us as Larry and Mary.

Mary: Yeah..your right..

Larry: Ah fuck it! Lets get married anyways!

Mary: OK!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I don't love you know more...except when...

I love a good post-mortem tale.
This morning I read a story called "Memories found in a Bill from a Small Animal Vet" (1976) by Philip K. Dick. Its about how his friend and mentor, Tony Boucher, reappeared after his death at about the same time that his cat, Pinky, started to act strangely. Thats right, Dick believed his dear friend, Tony, became his cat!

Anyway...its a good read.

..but now folks...I am gonna list three things that you should appreciate, and if not, you will by the time your life is over.

The first item I already described in the previous post: a folding table.

If you own one already, consider yourself lucky.

The second thing is a common household item that is infinitely handy: a cordless hand drill.

Not only can it make holes , it makes hanging things fast and simple!

You see? It took me about three minutes to hang this power strip, which happens to be the next item on the list!

Yes, that right folks, a power strip! You need power? I need power!
I can certainly say there are parts of my life that would've really sucked had I not had one of these magnificant gadgets handy.
You can plug in six things at once without the burden of certain safety hazards.
The surge protector will automatically shut off the power in case of a short circuit preventing fires
or damage to your household electronics and wacked-out science experiments.

If you need any advice about how to obtain these precious objects of modern civilization, just let me know...
If I am not available, just look in your telephone directory for the nearest hardware store. Someone at one of those places should be able to help you.

I would also advise the purchase of a permanent maker to write your name on your things to indicate its rightful owner.




Not now..but...


Monday, January 02, 2006

the anatomy and functionality of a folding table.

(or else your eyes are shining like an idiot)

A brief instructional on the inner workings of folding tables.

Step 1: If you flip the table over, you can see various metal moving parts that will be used to successfully fold the table. (Usually a loud bang! occurs during the flipping over of the table)

Step 2: On each set of legs you will find a metal sliding tab.
Push the tab inwards.

Step3: There is joint that you must push on to begin the folding.

Step 4: Once you have started to fold by applying pressure to the joint, you can finish collapsing by grabbing one of the legs and pulling it towards the table.

Are you having bored yet!??!

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 & 3 on the second set of legs.

Step 6: Once you have both sets of legs folded underneath the table, the table is ready for storage until your next yard sale, lemonade business venture, political activism conquest, wrestling match, or other related event.

As you can see the convenience of owning a folding table is almost unmatched by its beauty and quality.

The spoils of life are too hard to come by without your own folding table.

I've never owned one myself, but its been a dream of mine since yesterday.

Take two and pass.



Sunday, January 01, 2006

Actualizing fact to peices.

The slippage of time through what we call New and Year reminds me of graduation, prom, sports events, and dates. Potentially fun, easily a nuisance, and always uncertain. This may be the last time I ever see you seems to appear in everyones minds. We have to hug. We have to tell each other the same words over and over again. Nostalgia tells you to just sit back and enjoy it. I did....but then..there you are...the next day...nothing happened..but things are different..and it make take a while for you to notice.

Reflection is a scoundel.