Wednesday, September 27, 2006

reel quickly made.

Monday, September 25, 2006

carpal tunnel release & auto shop

Saturday, September 23, 2006


i am writing this to a song called honeys in love by flunk and when the song is over I'm gonna stop writing and i don't have anything in particular to write about but that is really no mattering right now mattering is not a word but I like making up words sometimes because it gets boring using the same language all the time nd you want to expand and what i am wondering now is where to put all the art and can you type and listen to the song and enjoy it at the same time and i don't even look at the screen when i type i stare at the keyboard and

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


this post is for my friend artsygrrl, the only person I know in real life that seems to understand this blog.

i was flipping through my old blue notebook and I found this on disheveled pages.

A fun one

it was here
long ago
it was there
once before
it was alright
a minute ago

the good time
is it gone?
no, here it is
you're stepping on it
get off it

set it free
but don't let it go
so talk to it
make it come back
by saying nice things
or making fun of it
or someone else
or bake it cookies
and some milk
and if its a vegan
make it soymilk
and if it doesn't
like milk
then something else
and if it doesn't like cookies
something else
like ice cream
and if its a vegan
then you're fucked
but not really
you could try popsicles
or a snow cone
and if it doesn't
like sweets you could
cook a nice dinner
but make sure you
know what it likes
before you go shopping
or you could take it
out to dinner
but make sure you
know waht kind of
restaraunt because if
it doesn't like
italian food and
you go to an italian
restaraunt then you're
and offer a bottle
of wine or any
beverage they would like
and maybe an appetizer
and maybe dessert
but don't be too nice
because it might get
ridiculous and

and it might get
suspicious and think
you are kissing its ass
and that can be annoying

(in the original notebook entry the words go up the page
sideways but I don't know how to make that happen here)

when someone is being too nice to you
and you begin to wonder why they

are being so nice to you
like maybe they want something

from you and the only way
to get it by being nice to
you, insincerity is a bitch

italisized words were added spontaneously as I was typing and were not part of the original lines



Thursday, September 14, 2006


they may be useless vermin in businessmen's pockets

but I like pennies

the part i don't completely understand about them is the superstition associated with them, for example:

If you see a penny on the ground and its heads up and and you pick it up it becomes good luck...right? (percival thinks you don't get the luck unless you kiss the penny) if its tails up you leave it alone, right? Other wise its bad luck. But what if you really need that penny?

Maybe this concept is what keeps homeless people homeless.

Ok, but here's another scenario.

What if you pick up a heads-up penny and and in mid-lift, it falls from your flimsy grasp, and it lands tails up?

is it still good luck or does it become bad? (this happened to me the other day)

Ok, heres another one...

If you see a tails up penny and kick it, so that it hits the wall and flips over, landing heads up...

Does it become good luck? (i've tried this before with mixed results)

What about if a penny falls from your pocket and lands tails up, but it was your penny to begin with, how can it become bad luck?

Does the luck only occur from strangers pennies that you find?

Maybe thats the bigger question.

So all these questions can remain a mystery, and they leave me to believe that if it wasn't for homeless people, assuming of course everyone actually believd in the superstition, that there would be tails up pennies scattered all over this country.

Unless the kicking theory works and you can alter the state of a bad luck penny.

These questions could be answered and if only I had the resources I would create an elite team of Superstition Scientists where we would test out, using the scientific method, the results of head up or heads down pennies..or walking under a ladder...or breaking a mirror ect.

I have a cool idea for a sculpture made completely out of pennies, and I am saving this bag of pennies for this project.

i have always been a little overly concerned with luck superstitions ever since I was young and one time I broke a mirror. Then all this bad shit started happening and it seemed to end about seven years later.

Mirrors suck.

..but thanks to heads up pennies, you can gain all the good luck and at the least attempt to balance out your cache of luck.

So I don't care what anybody says (New Yorkers are a little snobby about pennies)
Pennies Rock!

Thanks for the invite Mona!

Monday, September 11, 2006

my noetry is fabuloustupid!


Here we are
fake stay

empty clueless

all knowing

about eachother
ever so

and that other person
ever so

and the pulling

as it slides

and ignores

what we want to say

and not think about
pollution of the mind


wasted emotion
this thing we had

for sure
so long ago

it will happen
it happened again

in return, for sure
with someone else

its steadily there
with suspicion

here we go

an uncomfortable fence
don't think

of ambiguity and
don't figure it out

don't try

it hits

bowl of cherries

I have a dance party to go to.
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