Friday, April 28, 2006

What is, "is" anyway?

Does it proclaim a state of being?
Does it reveal a state of being?
Does it create a state of being?

Yes. No. ??

What is it to reveal a state of being?
To bring into knowledge a presence
To bring this presence into us
By proclaiming that it "IS"
to feel the words
the other side of the "is"
does it become alive in us?

How does it become alive?
It brings nearer to focus
the desire of words
their movements through us

By asserting that something "is"
we are bringing forth
the linguistic sense of things
the sense of language
the sense of thought and speech
the sense of rational communication

the sense of human connection

Feel the sensation of language.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


it was all emotional
i destroyed him
i have questions for him


[overheard philosophering]


Monday, April 24, 2006

In Memory

A moment of silence.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Why am I... I?

Underneath I am a confused robot

Are you overwhelmed?
Well, so am I.

I can tell you all the things you want to hear
It is my inner robot
connecting... ... .... ....
....with your inner robot

We are touching, but not each other
We are pressing, but not each other
We are engaged, intensely, somewhere

Hello inner robots
I am confused too.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

delivery...but not quite...

You know, i don't know what i was thinking. Acting so insecure about putting up a picture? Whats the big deal?

I'm sexy! I should be able to put up pictures of whatever i want...right?

I have a sexy eye...

I have sexy fingers...

hell...even my shadow is sexy...remember this one? i mentioned in drugs, chairs, and mudflaps...i will be inTexas next week.

So that means arnheim Lieber will be a robot...

but this robot isn't just any robot, this robot has a human's brain.
The robot's name is Percival.
I am leaving all my blogging rights ( collection of shitty photos) to Percival, and giving total freedom on Is "is" is?, Drugs, Chairs and Mudflaps, and Sowing Dissent.

I think this robot is way smarter than me so if things start to make sense around here...well..i warned you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

to my female readership...

arnheim has been thinking...
after being given the advice, "you know you should really think about using your sexuality to your advantage"
...about not being so shy and having a portrait on myself on my profile.

I usually don't because I think its an act of vanity...
but if it is then so what?

keeping a blog is already pretty damn vain!

most of the returning visitors are female...maybe one to one-half of
them might find me moderately attractive.

What harm can come of it?

a) I am ugly and told so and my feelings are hurt for a shorter period of time than the last time I was told that.

b) It doesn't work and my female readership will know how unnattractive i am and therefore never return.

c) The pictures posted fail at representing my good side and an ugly, misrepresenting picture
of me is on the internet for anyone to see.

d) i can't think about anything else so please feel free to add on to this list.

What good can come of it?

a) all these women think i'm sexy and come check to see what i'm up to and they tell their
friends and female readership increases ten-fold

b) i meet a possible future mate

c) althought they find me unnattractive a level of admiration for my bravery increases
regular visits from female readership.

d) i can't think about anything else so please feel free to create a d-answer for me.

Ok, only answer if you are a girl or a woman.
If my comment box is empty (likely scenario) I will take it the constituency does not
care and therefore it was a stupid thought.

I'll check back in two days...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

cuntry music update...

Monday, April 17, 2006

land of the free-roaming humidity and booze

i added some new bands to the too good for the grammys:
Gregory Stovetop, My Pet Dagon, Lamba and Clinic. I will also add Hank Williams Three as I bought
his new cd with a fancy virgin records megastore giftcard...

virgin records megastore...

virgin records megastore...

virgin records megastore...

i wish i had my own virgin records magastore...

i just realized i spelled virgin like virgen and i had
to replace all the e's with i's...

if i had my own virgin records megastore i would give
away fancy giftcards to street passers by so they would become
addicted to buying music in my store...

i would also reduce the prices of cd's as a cd is just a stupid peice of plastic
and some papers that are just gonna get fucked up and forgotten about over time...

they would be more like $10 so you can get 2 cd's with a $20 giftcard...

i would also change the name to virgen records megastore..

Friday, April 14, 2006

intro to drugs, chairs, and mudflaps

some of you might've thought I was just kidding around but...

arnheim Lieber is working on a new blog

Friday, April 07, 2006

encounter with a portable folding table pt. 1

A few weeks ago I couldn't resist asking a complete stranger if
I can take a picture of his folding table. At first he gave me the typical
New Yorker- I don't know you..why are you talking to me?!?!-look

that's his logo

..but he was a little eccentric himself and realized we are in the same
classification of weirdo-ness.
He designs t-shirts that he sells at union square and he couldn't be happier
owning such a fine peice of crappy furniture such as this...

So if you ever see this guy, buy one of his t-shirts...

The Problem is...

..I really don't think people get
whats goin on in here. I will definely
keep this site, as to me its actually
an art peice in itself.

I get the feeling
however, that readers confuse my non-sensical
dialog with the rantings of a complete moron.

Which is, of course, halfway true.
Its actually a shout-out to one of my favorite
art movements dada with a little bit of fluxus flavor
and a pinch of impressionism (in the form of blurry photos)

but no worries...arnheim Lieber will never get too artsy-fartsy on ya'lll...

The proposed title for the so-called art blog is:

drugs, chairs, and mudflaps

it will be based more so on aL's philosophies on art
moreso than they typical art world gossip blather(vomit). is always encouraging.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is dedicated... my man Travis!

This is the poster I was telling you about.
I thought I somehow lost the image file
but I actually saved it. Isn't it funny how sometimes
we think we're stupider than we really are?

Well, I hope you enjoy the picture as I am pretty sure
the poster no longer exists.

This blog doesn't seem to be very sucessful
so arnheim Lieber is thinking about creating an
art blog (something I said What do you think? i would never do)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

They should...

re-title this article:

"Bush makes sorry attempt to fix his fucked-up reputation as a shitty President"

Do the words...too little too late...stike anyone else as an appropriate response?

If that meant a cut in the presidential salary then it almost would make me happy.

We're at war people?!?!?! Who gives a shit about a measly Tax cut?