Wednesday, November 15, 2006

there are things...

i want to blog about sometimes but by the time i get here i forgot what they are because they are always so simple and the things around me are so complex and the simplicity of all this complexity makes the simple complex and the complex simple.

hitler and ghandi become best friends and do alot of drugs together. they are know for throwing the biggest hippest parties and they ditch their political causes and pursuits for the "awesome togetherness of all night jamboree disco parties".

if you were to find a no longer used train track and follow it until it ends you might end up at a better place than you are now. the trick is to find the unused track.

so after a while hitler and ghandi's paradise of love and celebration turned into a major problem. as their many desires were fullfilled day in and day out for many pleasurable months, they no longer were able to satiate their over-stimulated minds and bodies. their tastes turned into addictions, their good times turned into burdens as the whole world depended on them for a good time. after a while they craved nothing more than a good nights rest and a glass of water.

eventually they acknowledged that they have fallen into a serious problem and they entered themselves into re-hab.

that just goes to show you, its never too late to help yourself.

and its always better to have a buddy to help you along then to go though this alone.


Monday, November 06, 2006

reconstucting history

i can take apart time and reconstruct history if I want.

in fact, you can do it too! try it!

you see last week I subtracted the third grade from my best friend and
he found spelling in cursive especially difficult. his handwriting did improve

free-writing is fun! I forgot how fun it is...

...then when you take history and alter it for fun you have a certain responsibitly to keep track of all the changes so you can respectfully put everything back to the way it was, other wise you might lose your history-altering priveleges for good...

so my most recent reconstruction of history I made Ghandi and Hitler friends.

not just friendly friends, but BEST friends!

Now when considering this notion you might wonder what will happen.

Will Hitler make Ghandi bad or will Ghandi make Hitler good?

Well I will tell you what happened as it wasn't what I expected.

next week maybe.

ctmt's at an all time low.

a conversation in my head:

knee-jerk reactions? zero.

simulated experiences? low.

barbeque ideas? a few.

stew images? maybe.

chance for recovery? sure.

what are you going to do next? separate cheeses.

for how long? not too long.

will it be worth it? yes.

really? don't look.

is it going to make any sense? yes.

are you ok? um,can we go back to the last question?

is it going to make any sense? possibly.