Tuesday, December 12, 2006

samtsirhc table, samtsirhc set-up

As you know here on "Is", we are big fans of napkin notes. so on this here napkin you can see an illustration as to how to prepare for samtsirhc.

Every year a new samtsirch color is determined by the spinning of a twister wheel.

Blue, green, yellow or red.

Which color will it be this year?

The samtsirhc tree is painted the samtsirc color for the year then
hung above the samtsirhc table.

guests to the designated samtsirhc party are advised to bring along the following:

un-presents: things that can be consumed (food, drinks and drugs) in celebration of the holiday.

not-gifts: presents that are not purchased (found objects, pocket trinkets and other ephemera) that are exchanged after a few rounds of drunken twister.

Un-presents are placed on top of the samtsirhc table.

Not-gifts go underneath the samtsirhc table.

In preparation for the first ever samptsirhc, I am planning the making of a video
to post on "Is "is" is?"


Thursday, December 07, 2006

experimental holiday season

last january or february percival & I invented an alternative to christmas.

no. its not festivus. no connection to jerry sienfuct whatsoever!

Its way better, more inventive, and there is no racists involved. I present to you
a new holiday to replace christmas!


for pronounciation this might help:


This holiday is gonna rock, but not jingle bells!

It involves Un-presents & not-gifts.
Dunken twister!
a samtsirhc tree!
a samtsirhc table!
anti-capitalist christmas carols!
post-samtsirc: a full day of rest & recovery!

and the best part is you can include all your friends!

no matter if they are Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, athiest, or just plain old christmas haters!

Even those Loyal to Christmas can join in for the fun!


Because Samtsirhc takes place on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day is reserved for Post Samtsirhc!

Where you dedicate the day to nothing!
thats right- absoulutely nothing!

unless, of course, you want to do something, which you can if you want because the day is reserved for nothing which makes it easier to do something!

More details to come and perhaps some images as well!

If you have any questions about this mysterious new holiday, leave me a comment!

Monday, December 04, 2006

it kinda made sense

sick, sick poetry

I had something to tell you but I forgot it already.
it is somewhere over there somewhere.

it was probably a tribute to the other day when you
were like excuse me for being someone saying something.
it was more than likely a suitable replacement
for your happy wrongdoings.

it was an even better display than your previous discussion
on matters that now belong to the illiterate department
of defense research


i was saying to somebody something about how you took
something you said to someone else
and that someone else was really mad about
something I said and someone else overheard


never again will i spare the flashy upherhandedness of
the fly towels that seem to spread more germs than they prevent
from taking the glass atmosphere and referring them to the